The most efficient and secure way to interact with your clients in Senta is through the Client Portal. This is a dedicated area of your Senta workspace that your clients can access to view and upload documents and complete Tasks set by you, such as signing documents.

Every client can set up their own private log-in to the client portal, which ensures that only they are able to view any documents you upload for them.

To activate a contact, you must first add at least one client, and ensure you have added an email address for them. For more information about adding contacts please see here.

  • Navigate to their contact card:
    • Go to client page > contacts tab
  • Click activate

  • You will then be prompted to activate that contact for the client.

Your client contact will receive a standard email asking them to create an account so they can sign into the portal. 

Note - You can activate as many contacts as you want. This can be useful when assigning Tasks and requesting documents from different people within your client's business.

Customise the activation email

To make changes to the activation email template, go to Settings > Practice details > Emails.

When you make changes to the email contents, make sure not to remove the placeholders {url.reset} or {url.base}, these are the links your client needs to set up their account.