In Senta you can select different user types to allow you to adapt it to your practice needs and help you to manage your workflow more efficiently. 

In terms of permissions, this is how these roles differ:

Practice User

  • Does not have access to the Practice outbox

  • Cannot perform audits

  • Cannot see locked fields

  • Cannot delete users

  • Cannot delete clients

  • Cannot access the settings menu

  • Cannot save custom task and job lists

  • Cannot import clients

  • Cannot perform exports of client data

Account Manager

  • As practice users, but also:

  • Can be restricted from seeing locked fields outright, or restricted to only seeing locked fields if they are an assigned account manager

  • Further restrictions apply to the account manager profile if they are a restricted user 

Practice Manager

  • Can perform audits

  • Can view the practice outbox (by default)

  • Can see secure fields

  • Can view time recordings report

  • Can bulk download documents

Administrator option

  • Access to the Settings Menu and make changes to everything contained within it

  • The ability to delete clients and run client audits

  • Can bulk download documents

  • Can import clients

  • Can allow the Senta Support team access to the workspace

Practice User and Account Manager have the same permissions. The only difference between these roles is that many of the default Jobs that come with Senta have tasks assigned to the Account Manager by default. So these roles really just exist to help you determine who tasks should be assigned to in your Jobs.

Practice Users and Account Managers do not have access to the Practice Outbox by default. You can allow all users to view the practice outbox by switching off the restriction under Settings > General Settings

Finally, we have a new option for practices, which is Restricted Users

Once we enable this feature for you, you will have a new “Role” available in the User settings : “Restricted user”.

A restricted user is like a “Practice user”, but they can only see clients where they have been assigned a role, e.g. “Account manager”, therefore they can only see jobs and tasks pertaining to those clients.