There are several different tab types you can add to your forms. They will each display certain fields from within Senta automatically. 

For the most part, you will probably just be using the 'Form' tab type, however if you wish to restructure your client records or create break-out forms for clients, it can be useful to understand the properties of the various tab types.

All of the available tab types in Senta are used in the default Edit client form, which can be found by going to Settings > Forms > Edit Client

Tab type
FormA standard form tab type for adding fields
WorkThis will show a list of all Jobs and tasks in process for a client
FormsThis will show a list of any completed forms for a client
NotesThis will show any saved notes on a client record
EmailsThis will show a list of email threads with a client
ContactsThis will show a list of contacts for a client
ServicesThis will show a list of available services to choose from, and details of any selected services
Companies HouseThis will show imported information from Companies House
Recorded TimeThis will show any recorded time items for the client